• Udyr received a revamped look
  • His outdated kit got some hefty changes 
  • He is slated to arrive in the PBE on the next patch

The long-awaited rework for Udyr has finally been revealed, and it may have just set the bar for champion reworks in "League of Legends."

This Year One champion not only received a revamped look, but his outdated kit also received some hefty changes. Udyr remains the same stance-dancing fighter he always was, but now, it looks like he has some extra tools that'll make him more useful in a fight.

Here's a brief look at his updated abilities, according to gameplay footage from Professor Akali's YouTube channel.

Passive – Spirit Walker

Instead of having traditional abilities, Udyr can swap between four different stances that give him unique benefits. While in a stance, it can be Awakened by casting it again, giving Udyr a powerful effect.

Additionally, Udyr's next two attacks after entering a stance gain extra attack speed and refund a part of Awaken's 40-second cooldown.

Q – Wilding Claw

Stance: Gain 25% attack speed for four seconds. The next two attacks will deal max health physical damage.

Awaken: Grants 34% more attack speed. Udyr's next two basic attacks will strike enemies with lightning up to six times, with each strike dealing more magic damage to isolated targets.

W – Iron Mantle

Stance: Gain a shield for four seconds. Udyr's next two attacks gain 10% life steal and restore a flat amount of HP per hit.

Awaken: Gain a stronger shield, health regeneration and stronger lifesteal bonuses.

E – Blazing Stampede

Stance: Udyr gains a burst of decaying movement speed. His first attack against an enemy in this stance causes him to lunge and stun the target.

Awaken: Gain more movement speed and immunity to Immobilizing and Disable effects.

R – Wingborne Storm

Stance: A glacial storm surrounds Udyr for four seconds, slowing and dealing magic damage to all enemies inside. His next two attacks deal bonus magic damage.

Awaken: The storm unlatches from Udyr and seeks a nearby target. It deals extra magic damage equal to a percentage of the enemies' maximum health.

To summarize, Udyr's overall playstyle remains the same. However, he has received new tools to make dueling, ganking and even teamfighting easier on his part. He is slated to arrive in the PBE on the next patch.

LoL - Udyr Phoenix Stance
Udyr channels the power of Freljordian demigods and uses them in battle Riot Games