K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah
K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah Riot Games


  • K'Sante's ultimate ability trades survivability for increased damage potential
  • His kit deals damage based on the enemy's max health
  • K'Sante's kit is great for split pushing

The newest top laner to join the "League of Legends" roster has been officially announced, and he'll be bringing a dynamic playstyle that relies on shifting between brawling and dueling.

K'Sante was previously announced as the next champion for "League of Legends" in a series of teasers released by Riot. He'll be fulfilling a hybrid tank/duelist role that seemingly specializes in split pushing. Here's a rundown of his recently-revealed kit.

Ultimate – All Out

To better understand K'Sante's kit, it's best to look at his ultimate first.

All Out causes K'Sante to shatter his tonfa-like ntofo weapons to knock back and deal physical damage to nearby enemies. Enemies that hit a wall are thrown behind it, are briefly stunned and take more physical damage than usual. K'Sante then dashes toward the knocked-back enemy and extends the duration of the All Out buff.

When K'Sante goes All Out, his basic abilities receive additional effects.

Passive – Dauntless Instinct

Damaging enemies with K'Sante's abilities mark them for a short duration. Attacking them consumes the mark, dealing a bonus damage that scales with the enemy's max health.

All Out: Consuming a mark deals bonus physical damage plus max health true damage.

Q – Ntofo Strikes

Deals damage and slows targets. Hitting an enemy generates a stack – using Ntofo Strikes at two stacks causes the third cast to launch a shockwave that pulls enemies to K'Sante.

All Out: Ability cooldown is shorter but no longer slows enemies.

LoL - K'Sante Q
K'Sante gains stacks that empower his Q ability whenever it hits a target Riot Games

W – Path Maker

K'Sante charges and holds his ntofos up like a shield to become Unstoppable and receive reduced damage. The block can be released to cause K'Sante to ram forward, damaging, knocking back and stunning targets hit.

All Out: The cooldown is refreshed upon going All Out. Charge and dash speeds are doubled, and the ram deals more damage based on how long K'Sante charges to skill.

E – Footwork

Dash forward to gain a shield. Aiming at an ally shields both them and K'Sante, and it increases the distance covered by the dash. Other skills can be cast while dashing.

All Out: Dash speed is increased. Locational dashing range is increased and can go through walls.

LoL - K'Sante Ult
K'Sante's weapons change when he goes All Out Riot Games