LoL - Nazumah
Nazumah is an oasis city found in Shurima Riot Games


  • A dagger-themed Darkin assassin is coming next year
  • The next support champion will be a male enchanter from Ixtal
  • A new tank is headed to top lane by the end of 2022

Three new champions are currently in the works for "League of Legends" alongside some notable updates to a few others. There's still some time before any of them gets released, but Riot has shared some teasers for the community in its latest "League of Legends Champions and Preseason" video.

Here are three upcoming playable characters that fans can expect to see by the next year.

K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah

The next champion coming to "League of Legends" will be K'Sante, a prominent figure in the Shuriman city of Nazumah.

According to the developers, K'Sante once hunted one of the desert's largest and most dangerous creatures and used its carcass to craft blunt weapons that can be shattered to reveal finely-crafted blades.

K'Sante is actually scheduled to release by the end of this year, so expect him to reach the live servers by December at the latest.

Darkin Assassin

Next year, players will finally be able to see the last of the four Darkin in action once they are released as a playable champion in the game. This new Darkin will be coming in the form of a dagger with an ominous eye poking out of the flat side of the blade

LoL - Darkin Assassin
The new Darkin character is represented by a cursed dagger wielded by an unknown entity Riot Games

There's a possibility that the host of this Darkin dagger was not human as Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the lead gameplay producer for "League of Legends" at Riot Games, mentioned that they will not yet reveal "who or what" the holder of the weapon is.

Lore-wise, the Darkin are able to corrupt anyone who wields them, and Reav3's teaser has made players speculate that the dagger's wielder might be an Ascended like Nasus and Renekton.

Ixtal Enchanter

The last champion Reav3 teased is a male enchanter from the region of Ixtal, the same kingdom that Qiyana hails from.

There is very little information about this champion as he is reportedly still in very early development. However, the champion team released a piece of concept art featuring cute fireballs.

Champion Reworks

Reworks for several champions are also coming in the next year in the form of the major kit overhaul for Aurelion Sol and the Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) for Ahri. The developers also mentioned that they are planning on implementing mid-scope reworks (similar to Xin Zhao and Wukong) for Neeko and Syndra.

Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger - League of Legends
Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger Riot Games