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  • Syndra's passive is getting overhauled
  • Abilities will now evolve based on Syndra's Splinters of Wrath stacks
  • Splinters also restore mana to top-off Syndra's reserves

Syndra, one of the most popular mid-lane picks in the competitive scene of "League of Legends," is finally getting her mid-scope rework that targets her overall consistency with gameplay and theme.

She's particularly popular because of her ease of use, which doesn't compromise lethality. Syndra has good poke damage, self-peel and single-target nuking capabilities that do not expose her to much danger, but some bits of her kit were previously lacking.

Moreover, she tended to fall off in the late game compared to other champions. To remedy this, Riot decided to update her abilities in a style similar to the previous Wukong and Xin Zhao mini-reworks. Here's what may be coming in the upcoming patch this Oct. 5.

New Passive – Transcendent

Riot Truexy posted all of the changes to Syndra's kit, and the biggest one involves her passive. Previously, her abilities would gain new effects whenever they reached max rank. Now, she gains an entirely new mechanic to revolve her playstyle around.

Transcendent now lets Syndra generate and collect Splinters of Wrath when she levels up or damages champions. These do two things: restore mana and enhance abilities after earning enough splinters. At max stacks of 120 splinters, Syndra gains a 15% bonus AP.

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Q – Dark Sphere

The ability deals slightly less damage at max rank, and its cooldown has been increased to seven seconds per cast. However, at 40 splinters, Dark Sphere gains a second charge.

W – Force of Will

Picking up Dark Spheres with Force of Will should be easier with the update, and minions will no longer die immediately after being picked up. Additionally, at 60 splinters, the ability will deal bonus true damage.

E – Scatter the Weak

Damage and stun duration are slightly reduced, but the cone angle and cooldown are improved. At 80 splinters, the cone widens even further, and it will slow any enemies hit after the initial knockback/stun effect.

R – Unleashed Power

Again, the total damage is slightly nerfed. To compensate, Unleashed Power will grant Dark Sphere additional Ability Haste for every rank of the ultimate ability. When Syndra reaches 100 splinters, Unleashed Power will instantly execute any champion below 15% maximum HP when hit.

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