A Tragic Loss in Borough Park
People stand near the home of the alleged killer of Leiby Kletzky in the Orthodox Jewish section of Borough Park, Brooklyn, N.Y. REUTERS

As the grief stricken family of Leiby Kletzky sits shiva morning the loss of their slain boy, they still do not yet know the horror of how he died.

The Kletzky's did not attend his burial service after a massive funeral where hundreds of Hasidic jews in Borough Park packed the streets to send him off to a place beyond where eyes can see.

Nachman and Esther Kletzky fielded calls from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and from rabbis from as far away as Israel.

Leiby's father cried after a third straight sleepless night, said Rabbi Yisroel Hager, who leads the Viznitz sect, of which the Kletzky's are a part of.

Hager, fought back tears as he tried to provide solace to a family horrified by the loss of their kind-hearted son.

As is penchant in the Jewish faith, Nachman, Leiby's father, told the rabbi a touching story about how kind the 9-year-old was.

Nachman spoke of a recent game of basketball where Leiby left his winning team for a struggling one to help the underdogs.

As is also penchant for women in Hasidism in a time of grief, Esther, his mom, surrounded by the women of the Borough Park community, spoke not of her child's death, but of other issues important in the community, so as to the mask the pain of her son's death, in an effort to keep tears out of her reddened eyes.

The family is not said to be angry with Levi Aron, the confessed murderer who claims he hears voices.

Aron plead guilty in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday, and his case is currently being presented before a Brooklyn grand jury.