After the University of Kentucky Wildcats won their eighth national championship, police from Lexington responded to reports of riots and small fires that resulted in dozens of arrests and a man wounded from gunfire.

Battalion Chief Ed Davis of the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services said he witnessed the shooting as he was filling out paperwork. He reportedly heard one man shooting another quite a few times, reported the Associated Press.

Police Lt. Clayton Roberts said they Lexington P.D. has yet to make an arrest in the shooting, which occurred approximately around 2 a.m. local time. The injured man, who was in his 30s, was brought to University of Kentucky Medical Center and was treated for serious injuries. However they did not appear to be life threatening said Roberts, according to the AP. However, amid the confusion of the celebrations, the gunman escaped.

Within minutes of the conclusion of the NCAA tournament, University of Kentucky fans lined the streets near the Lexington campus late Monday night.

We're seeing fires being lit and things of that nature, said Sherelle Roberts, a spokesman for the Lexington Police, according to the AP. She also said police saw couches being set ablaze and a car crashing into a patio area at a bar. They handed out several citations during the impromptu celebration, mostly for alcohol related offenses.

I think that we're taking a more zero-tolerance approach, she said. That has a part to play in it, but also people started celebrating much earlier than they did on Saturday. The amount of time to become intoxicated and the amount of time for us to be in contact with these intoxicated people has increased.

As the riots broke out across Lexington, the phrase #LexingtonPoliceScanner began trending on Twitter. A website was circulated on the social networking site that allowed people to listener on the Lexington Police dispatchers. Listners of the scanner and witnesses to the riots began writing what they heard and saw and posting pictures of the chaos that ensued

#LexingtonpoliceScanner is funny as hell right now everybody going to jail Hahahaha, wrote Twitter user T.J. Kennerly.

This #LexingtonPolice Scanner is no joke! These Kentucky fans are going nuts!!!!, wrote Twitter user Eddie Reyes.

you won't believe this....that was spoken by a Lexington cop over the airwaves on #LexingtonPolice Scanner, wrote Fox Sports reporter, Lisa Horne.

Futon's on fire. now it's serious, wrote Twitter user Bill.

About 56 fire runs were made by the Lexington's fire department as fans lit garbages and other items on fire. No major injuries were reported, according to the AP.

Students were not surprised by the chaos that unfolded around the town.

If you're part of Big Blue Nation- there's nothing like it, said University of Kentucky junior Kristin Dreasler, according to USA Today. I babysit kids here, and the 3-year-old knows all the players' names.

After the Kentucky's win on Saturday against Louisville, police endured a night of rioting, too. There were more than 50 fire reported around campus that night with 30 people arrested, mostly for alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct, reported USA Today.

We won the game but don't be destructive. Let's be smart and act like we've been here before (more than 7 times), Micha Fielden, student body president, tweeted trying to calm any potential riots on Saturday. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

After the riots on Saturday, authorities warned students that they could face repercussions for their actions.

We want to send a clear and strong message that individuals who engage in this behavior will be investigated and prosecuted, Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said. If you choose to commit criminal acts, don't be surprised when we knock on your door even days after the event and arrest you.

University of Kentucky police chief, Joe Monroe told students that people from across the country would be watching the university and how the students.

It was much worse Saturday, said 20-year-old Miranda Snow, according USA Today. She reportedly recalled seeing couch fires and other blazes.