LG Ultra HDTVs

Following Samsung's debut of massive new Ultra HDTVs and plans for the first Ultra HD OLED TV at the IFA electronics show in Berlin last week, LG Inc. (NYSE:LG) revealed its own plans this week to compete. LG will finally bring its own OLED and Ultra HDTVs to mass markets and announced that it is also building an Ultra HD OLED TV.

LG said its Ultra HD OLED TV will measure 77 inches -- not only making it one of the first OLED TVs to feature 4K resolution but also the world’s largest OLED display. LG said it will start launching Ultra HD OLED TVs next year.

The company also accelerated plans to launch Ultra HDTVs in more markets and said that premium and economy versions will be available in 50 countries by the end of 2014. LG has kept the next-generation TVs restricted to a few key markets so far, which, in conjunction with high cost, has prevented LG from selling many Ultra HDTVs.

The moves are aimed to compete with Samsung’s announcement of 98-inch and 110-inch models of its Ultra HDTV, but both companies are interesting in pushing OLED and 4K displays into the mainstream. Companies like LG and Samsung are hoping the sets will give consumers a reason to start purchasing new TVs again, though not much video content can really take advantage of the pixels, which is about four times the amount of standard HD displays.

LG purchased webOS earlier in 2013 and is reportedly working to adapt the failed mobile operating system for use in televisions. LG said it will launch webOS in 2014, meaning it could very well be a part of bringing its OLED and Ultra HDTVs to mass markets.