The long-awaited nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan to be published in Playboy magazine have been leaked on the Internet ahead of their planned release next week.

The cover shot was already leaked ahead of its planned debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Dec. 15, but it is the leak of the entire photo spread that has Playboy executives freaking out, according to TMZ.

Playboy reportedly paid Lohan $1 million for the 11-photo spread and is quite upset to see the entire collection posted a week ahead of when it was supposed to hit newsstands. TMZ reported the magazine is very worried that the leaking of the pictures could seriously diminish magazine sales.

The spread, billed by magazine founder Hugh Hefner as absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, shows Lohan in a variety of Marilyn Monroe-inspired positions. The shoot, which shows Lohan posing in front of a red velvet curtain, actually had to be redone, according to reports, to make sure it met all of Lohan's requirements.

The 25-year-old Mean Girls star has had several run-ins with the law of late, but is hoping that posing naked for the iconic magazine could revive her increasingly irrelevant career.

Where can you find the entire pictorial spread? You can get all of the pictures here, but, as you can imagine, they are extremely not safe for work.