An adorable video of a two-month-old lion cub unknowingly freaking out her mother has been melting hearts on social media.

In the video, the mischievous cub can be seen casually walking behind her mother, Roberta, sneaking up on her and freaking the Asiatic lioness, who was busy looking at the other two cubs playing in a corner, reported SWNS. Mama lion is then seen jumping in shock before getting up to see what’s going on.

The video was posted by the Royal Zoological Society at Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo on Facebook with a caption that read, “Trying to relax when you have little ones.” They also added a hashtag #Relatable which many parents could agree with, in the comment section, gushing over the situation.

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“Can’t wait till they are out and can see them, so cute!” wrote a user. “10/10 top pouncing” commented another.

Roberta gave birth to a litter comprising of five cubs in August, out of which only three survived, reported Dailymail. Their father Jayendra, an Asiatic lion had arrived in Edinburgh Zoo in 2012 followed by Roberta who arrived here from Magdeburg Zoo, Germany two years later.

Dailymail further reported how Roberta and Jayendra are part of the European endangered species programme. Every birth Roberta gives increases the chance of future generations being familiar with the species of Asiatic lions.

Asiatic lions are endangered species, with hardly 500 left in the world. They existed across southwest Asia but are now only found living in central India’s Gir Forest National Park and surrounding areas. They currently exist as a single subpopulation, and are vulnerable to extinction from events like large forest fire or epidemic.

A lioness and a cub cool down in a shade at Belgrade's zoo
A lioness and a cub cool down in a shade at Belgrade's zoo July 13, 2011 as an intense heat wave sweeps Serbia reaching 40 degrees Celsius Reuters