Ever wish you could re-create "League of Legends" weapons and items in real life? Well, this blacksmith proves that with the right skills and know-how, you can do just that.

Tony Swatton, who has been a Blacksmith armorer for 30 years and has made weapons for more than 200 movies, set out to create Leona's Zenith Blade sword after getting strong feedback from "League of Legends" fans urging him to do so. Swatton has also re-created swords from Final Fantasy, X-Men and Minecraft, among other games.

The process of creating Leona's Zenith Blade involves annealing, which heats parts of the sword to roughly 1,500 degrees so that the material could be drilled into. In the end, Swatton used steel, aluminum and plastic to make a 42-inch long blade that's about 4 inches in width. "League of Legends" senior concept artist Michael Maurino also took part in the process and got to stop by Swatton's workshop and offer some feedback of his own. Maurino's reaction to the real life Zenith Blade pretty much says it all.

Watch video of Tony Swatton talking about the making of Leona's Zenith Blade Sword below, courtesy of YouTube.

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