We all know about designer lingerie and bed linens, but Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria has introduced another designer in the bedroom -- the Louis Vuitton condom.

Kiziria designed a Louis Vuitton condom that is wrapped in the famous label's brown packing along with its iconic LV raised lettering. The condoms became a viral hit on Twitter on Wednesday, when it was one of the social network's trending topics.

According to reports, the high-priced condoms are priced at $68 each. But don't head to the Louis Vuitton stores just yet, because the condoms aren't available there. Kiziria is not affiliated with the Louis Vuitton company.

According to the Huffington Post, Kiziria collaborated with Design Provocation to design the fake condom. They had hopes of launching the Louis Vuitton condom on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, and donating the proceeds for AIDS research.

The Louis Vuitton condoms made the headlines last December, when they were reported on several news sites.

But at the moment the official condom Web site is offline. However, the site designprovocation.com, is still up and running, without the fake condom of course.

Here's what Twitter had to say on Wednesday when the condom resurfaced:

-- The Louis Vuitton Condom dropped ? I'm getting 3. Khleo_T

-- Yes, the new Louis Vuitton condom is expensive at $68, but the ribs are fur. ReillyRick

-- Only a d--k would buy a Louis Vuitton Condom for $68. OpieRadio

-- Honestly, they might as well make the Louis Vuitton Condom $69 instead of $68. TM href=https://twitter.com/#%21/TheOnlyExcuse>TheOnlyExcuse

-- If you can afford a £68 Louis Vuitton condom I'm pretty sure you can afford a baby. WeLoveHazza

-- If i bought a Louis Vuitton condom i'd expect it to be bullet proof. TipPlayDirt

-- Lmao @ Louis Vuitton condom trending, that thing goes for $68. I feel bad for people who have overly fancy girlfriends lolol. KazAtta

-- Louis Vuitton Condoms < This is why dumb people are broke a week after getting a Tax return.... #pointless. - TM href=https://twitter.com/#%21/TakaBlack_>TakaBlack_

-- Louis Vuitton Condoms? It's cheaper to have kids. - SLXInfinite

-- I will look forward 2 Lady GaGa making a dress out of Louis Vuitton condoms. - QuiltingMuriel

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