The first season of CBS' "Love Island" may have come to an end but that doesn't mean the same has happened for the Islander couples.

Now that the hit show -- which was renewed for Season 2 -- is over, it's time to find out whose relationships have transcended into the real world.

Zac And Elizabeth

The "Love Island" winners are still going strong. Not only did they win the $100K grand prize but it truly seems like they found true love. The fan-favorite couple shared adorable pictures of themselves to social media on Monday.

"All I want, All I ever wanted is in front of me," Zac captioned the photo, while Elizabeth shared she would be "counting down the days" until she would be reunited with her man.

Speaking of being reunited, fans may soon be seeing more of the couple, as well. Word on the street, according to a source with ties to the industry, is that a reality show featuring the couple is under consideration. TV show or not, this Islander couple seems rock solid.

Ray And Caro


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Ray's social media is private and Caro hasn't shared any photos of her and her man outside of "Love Island" but don't worry they are still together.

"LOVE IS IN THE AIR," the 21-year-old shared to Instagram Monday. "Woke up with amazing news: 1.) I am flying out to New York TONIGHT for an event with @raygantt... CANT WAIT TO SEE HIM."

Dylan And Alexandra


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Fans were a little iffy about Dylan's intentions. Was he just in it for the money or was he genuinely looking for love? Turns out he was on the island for the right reasons because this couple is still together and giving it as shot as boyfriend/girlfriend "outside that villa."

"I got a text," Alexandra shared. "From my boyfriends real life phone number! Cant wait to do life with you outside that villa!"

For fans who still may be skeptical of Dylan let this put all your worries to rest. Would someone who didn't really like Alexandra make the trip from San Diego to LA to surprise her? No, didn't think so.

Weston And Emily


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If fans were questioning Dylan, they were definitely questioning Weston. He practically went through three women during his time on "Love Island" but with Emily things were different.

Though they only shared about a week or so together in the villa they seem to be giving their connection a real shot at progressing. Weston even posted a photo of himself with the New Yorker and wrote, "So excited to see this babe Monday..."

Cashel And Kyra


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These two had one rollercoaster of a relationship -- mainly due to Kyra -- but ultimately love prevailed. When Kyra was eliminated just shy of the finale, Cashel (not aware of her elimination at the time) was making his way back to the villa to get his woman.

So after all that, are they still together? Kyra's Instagram caption from Monday says it all.

She wrote, "Can anyone tell my mans @cashelb to stop golfing and come back from Sacramento"

With five happy couples, "Love Island" was definitely successful at helping strangers find love. Fans can keep up with all the Islanders from Season 1 on social media. See ya next season!