Macaulay Culkin is celebrating his 32nd birthday on Sunday, one that comes at the end of a year in which he might have received the most attention -- albeit unwelcome -- since appearing in the "Home Alone" films. Culkin's life has been scrutinized since the National Enquirer published a story reporting he only had six months to live because of a supposedly debilitating heroin habit.

Since he stepped out of the spotlight in the 1990s, Culkin has been notoriously reclusive. For that reason, it's not known what the former child star will do to ring in his 33rd year, but fans will certainly hope it doesn't include partying too hard.

Culkin's hideouts from the media only subsided when he appeared in the occasional film role in the early 2000s and then when the heroin speculation began. He was photographed on a New York city sidewalk looking gaunt and with scraggly facial hair, one reason the drug rumors were so rampant.

Culkin was arrested in 2004 in Oklahoma for the possession of marijuana and prescription pills, according to Yahoo.

Since the gossip about Culkin's addiction began -- the Enquirer also quoted sources who said the former "Kevin McAllister" used oxycodone frequently -- his legal team has denied the accusations. His representation told TMZ at the time that the claims were "categorically without merit, but it is also impossibly and ridiculously fictitious." A nice present for Macaulay Culkin's birthday would probably be some peace and quiet from all the tabloid speculation.

Earlier this month Us Weekly reported that Culkin had been seen at Natalie Portman's wedding. He was one of about 100 guests that were invited to the ceremony. The Enquirer later reported that Culkin's ex-girlfriend, actress Mila Kunis, had desperately begged the actor to check into a rehabilitation program.

Unfortunately for Culkin his fame has always come at a price. Along with the "Home Alone" films, Culkin also appeared in comedies like "Uncle Buck" and became one of the youngest actors to ever host "Saturday Night Live" at age 11 in 1991. Behind the scenes, though, Culkin feuded with his parents over the "Home Alone" money and befriended Michael Jackson around the time of the pop singer's first pedophilia rumors.

During a rare interview with Larry King in 2004 (which you can watch by clicking here) the actor came off as modest and likable, although he did mention feeling more comfortable onscreen than off. Let's hope Macaulay Culkin's birthday is a bright spot for an actor who's had a rather strange career.