Maddie Ziegler
Bye, mom! Maddie Ziegler wanted to move in with “Chandelier” singer Sia after leaving “Dance Moms.” Maddie is pictured at the Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles on March 12, 2016. Getty Images

Maddie Ziegler may be back in Pittsburgh after wrapping her final season of “Dance Moms,” but she’s not ready to leave Hollywood. Her mother, Melissa Gisoni, revealed that shortly after parting ways with the Los Angeles-based reality show, her 13-year-old daughter wanted to move in with pop singer Sia.

“I would be content if it all went away tomorrow, but she wouldn’t. She wants to move to L.A. today,” Gisoni reveals in a Cosmopolitan essay about raising a famous child. Gisoni, who starred on Lifetime’s “Dance Moms” with Maddie and her 12-year-old daughter Mackenzie, reveals that after two weeks back home on the East Coast, Maddie was itching to return to L.A. and pitched the idea of living with her four-time music video co-star.

“We were home for two weeks and she goes, ‘Mom, I’m going to move in with Sia. I can’t live here anymore. I need to live in L.A.’ It's just where she belongs,” Gisoni wrote.

And while Maddie may be willing to ditch her mother in favor of living with Sia, the former reality star had nothing but kind words for the 40-year-old Australian songstress. “Sia is such a role model to her,” she wrote. “Sia and Maddie are literally best friends. They’re going to a wedding together in two weeks. They’re family now.”

When Maddie is not busy starring in award-winning projects alongside Sia — their most popular video to date, “Chandelier,” has garnered more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube — or rubbing elbows with A-listers on set, Gisoni said she keeps her eldest daughter’s life as normal as can be.

“When we’re home, she has to make the bed, she has to clean her room. She has to do her chores. I don’t do stuff for her. She has to be a normal kid,” Gisoni said. Unsurprisingly, after a few days at home, Maddie is ready to ditch her chores and head back to Tinseltown. “After a couple days, she’s like, ‘Mom, I’m bored. Are we going to L.A. soon?’ She wants to be in L.A. She’s an L.A. girl.”

Watch Maddie explain how Sia discovered her below:

When she’s not making movies — fans can catch her debut feature “The Book of Henry” in theaters this fall — Gisoni said Maddie spends two days a week filming her appearance as a judge on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and taking dance classes.

And despite some Lifetime viewers lamenting that the family’s “Dance Moms” gigs are behind them, Gisoni says both of her daughters in a better place. “My kids are every happy,” she wrote. “They miss the girls but they don’t miss the drama.”

Luckily for “Dance Moms” fans, the show is still filming. New episodes are currently in production and as always, recent rumors suggest a lot of drama surrounding coach Abby Lee Miller and her teams. Lifetime has not yet announced a premiere date for the back half of Season 6.