While after Christmas sales typically bring joy to the hearts of frugal consumers nationwide, some customers at the Mall of America in Minnesota were engulfed with rage in the post-holiday shopping extravaganza, leading to a massive fight on Monday all caught on video.

Police arrested as many as nine people shopping at America's largest mall on Tuesday after a series of fights broke out on Monday around 4 p.m. as stores commenced their day after Christmas sales.

According to Commander Mark Stehlik of the Bloomington, Minn. Police Department, a fight began in the food court of the mall between nearly 50 juveniles before spreading elsewhere and wreaking havoc.

The Star Tribune reported that as the fight spread, more than 200 people were involved, throwing chairs, swarming customers and grabbing items from mall kiosks, all caught on video.

It looked like they were trying to pull people's stuff out of their bags, onlooker Makenzie Shofner told the Star Tribune. My heart was racing.

Other customers reported screaming along with the disturbance.

I'm used to some of the screaming because this is the Mall of America, Hanna Betz told the Star Tribune. But this was a different kind of screaming.

Stehlik said that no one was injured and the mall was never shut down, though about 30 police offers responded to the scene.

Since word began to spread of the Mall of America fight, some users who uploaded videos on YouTube and people on the scene who spoke to CNN affiliate WCCO attributed the fight because rappers Lil' Wayne and Drake were reportedly visiting the mall. However, the Mall of America Twitter denied rumors, saying, Drake is not here.

Mall of America spokesman Dan Jasper told Reuters that the shopping center will ramp up its security personnel for the busy shopping days to follow.

As a preventive measure we will ramp up security even more this week to make sure it doesn't happen again, Jasper said.

According to its Web site, the Mall of America has over 520 stores and 50 restaurants in addition to an aquarium.