A father in Taiwan allegedly abused his 1-month-old baby because of the infant’s resemblance to his grandfather.

Investigators suspect the infant may have been poisoned as well. The unidentified man, who lives in the Xinying district of Tainan City, allegedly abused his son because he did not like boys. He also was not happy that the baby resembled his grandfather, due to which he allegedly beat the infant whenever he cried, according to NextShark.

The father, who was believed to be in his 30s, was accused of flicking the infant’s feet and striking the baby's abdomen with his fists and a towel.

The infant’s mother witnessed her husband abusing the baby at home on May 2, following which the “scared” woman secretly filmed the abuse and sent the video to her mother.

“I'm so scared, save my son,” the woman told her mother, according to The Standard.

The cops were then informed of the abuse, and the father was arrested from his apartment.

The infant was taken to the hospital, where doctors noticed a large bruise on his chest, which was, fortunately, not life-threatening. Investigators also found reason to believe the infant may have been poisoned as part of the abuse.

Apart from the 1-month-old baby, the arrested parent was also father to two daughters, aged 6 and 2. The daughters are currently in the care of their grandparents. The man had reportedly abused the children when he was married to his first wife.

Following his arrest, he was sent to Tainan District Prosecutors Office for domestic violence and child abuse, and was later remanded.

The abused infant’s family was visited by the Tainan City Government Bureau of Social Affairs in light of the incident. The family was granted emergency protection orders. Social welfare administration organizations were informed of the incident, which was still being investigated.

In an unrelated incident reported last year, an Indian man was captured brutally assaulting his 3-year-old daughter while the mother watched. The father, from the state of Telangana, was filmed flogging the child multiple times with a rope, and then grabbing the girl by her neck in the video, which was shared on social media. The girl’s mother did nothing to stop the father, who slammed the child on the floor before eventually walking away. The man was charged for the brutal assault, and the child was transferred to a safer place following the incident.

Representative image Credit: Pixabay / joffi