A 51-year-old man, who allegedly murdered a woman during a meth-fuelled sex session in 2018 in Australia, reportedly killed himself in prison Sunday while awaiting trial.

Dennis Pietrobon and 32-year-old Nicole Cartwright had initially connected on a dating app, and then met each other in person on Oct. 1, 2018. After arriving at an address in Sydney, the duo smoked meth and had sex, during which Pietrobon became violent and struck Cartwright multiple times, resulting in her becoming unconscious, Daily Star reported.

After Cartwright died, Pietrobon wrapped her body in a bedsheet and placed it in a bin. He then drove to a children’s park in a reserve where he left the bin and fled the scene. The body, with severe head injuries and a tape binding the wrists, was found two days later by a council worker. Traces of methylamphetamine was found in her system during forensic testing, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The accused, who was a divorced father-of-two, was traced after his fingerprints were found on the tape. He was arrested in April 2020, charged with murder and refused bail.

"The state of Nicole's body was ... there was some decomposition, she was found on Oct. 3. It will be alleged that this man took her from an address to the reserve and, you know, unfortunately, dumped the body like some piece of unwanted refuse. It is a cold-hearted act, it is a callous and heinous criminal act," NSW Police Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty had told the media at the time, News.com.au reported.

In September last year, Pietrobon was beaten up in jail by another prisoner, resulting in him suffering from significant injuries to his face and neck. Pietrobon was found dead in his cell in prison on Easter Sunday. However, additional details regarding the same were not disclosed by the authorities.

Speaking to the media in 2020, Cartwright’s brother, Ben, had said, "We grieve daily for Nicole and the life she never got to live, and we are still struggling to comprehend that she will never be coming home."

handcuffs-354042_1920 Representational image Photo: Photo by Pixabay (CC0)