Law enforcement charged John Ferreira with attempted murder and two counts of kidnapping for a Aug. 5,2017 incident. Melrose Police

A Massachusetts man accused of viciously beating his mother and sister faced multiple charges that included attempted murder and kidnapping Wednesday, in Malden District Court.

Police apprehended John Ferreira, 54, Tuesday afternoon in Westborough, after a four-day-long search. Officials charged Ferreira with attempted murder, home invasion, two counts of kidnapping with serious bodily injury, mayhem, two counts of assault, battery with a dangerous weapon, armed assault to rob and motor vehicle larceny.

Ferriera was considered armed and dangerous before his arrest and carried six outstanding motor vehicle warrants. Officials held him without bail, according to reports.

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Ferreira invaded the Vincent Street home he shared with his sister, mother and grandmother Friday and attacked them, according to police. Police said Ferreira held the three women captive for four hours before fleeing the scene.

"(The sister) was attacked by this suspect, Ferreira, tied up, bound up with tape and wire ties. He proceeded to beat her about the body with a rubber mallet," Melrose Police Chief Michael L. Lyle told local news.

Lyle said Ferreira waited for his sister, mother, and grandmother to arrive at their home Friday night. He then attacked his sister and his mother with a rubber mallet and tied up all three women. During the attack, he dislodged several of his sister's teeth. He also allegedly sprayed bug spray in his sister's eyes and tried to choke both his sister and mother with duct tape.

John Morabito, Ferreira’s nephew, told local reporters outside of the courthouse Wednesday that Ferreira’s mother and sister had been released from the hospital after receiving care.

Ferreira’s sister appeared at the court hearing Wednesday bruised and walking with the aid of a cane, according to reports. She requested a restraining order against Ferreira.

"I hope he rots in jail," she told local news of her brother.

Morabito claimed the actions of his 82-year-old grandmother helped capture Ferreira. She managed to free herself and flagged a police officer for help.

"It was actually my grandmother who was able to get out of the house, to make it down to her apartment, and to phone police," Morabito said. "So it’s really thanks to my grandmother that my mother and her are alive today."

Investigators claimed the incident might have been a result of multiple women’s efforts to evict Ferreira from their home. Ferreira fled the scene in a red Toyota Corolla he stole from one of the victims, police said.

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An officer spotted a red Toyota Corolla driving down an empty road and ran the license plate, which matched the reported stolen vehicle. The officer tracked Ferreira to Lyman Street on Route 9 and apprehended him around noon without a struggle.

Ferreira looked tousled and confused when police arrested him, according to Westborough Police Chief Alan Gordon. He had a dog with him and questioned them regarding his sister.

"It looks like he'd been living in the car for a while," Gordon told NBC Boston. "He looked tired. No fight at all. He basically gave himself up and admitted who he was."