A man has claimed he was offered promotions and got salary hikes for "doing nothing" at his data entry job for five years.

The man, who reportedly got hired in 2015, said it didn't take him long to realize that his work could actually be done with "AutoHotkey," an open-source code that works around software automation as per News 18.

"It was a data entry position, meaning I get an email containing the details of an order and proceeding to input the information into our system," the man said on Reddit, according to Times Now News.

It was after the training period that he found out he could use a code. But since he didn't know how to code, he hired a freelancer to do it for him. He said it cost him two months of his salary.

The man went on to share that he worked from home "since day 1" because the firm refused to pay for transportation and cleaning during the graveyard shift. This setup allowed him to easily pull off what he had in mind.

"For the first 2 years, I would check if there was something the code cannot do (usually took me less than 5 minutes) and then I would let the computer running and watch movies, go to bed, sometimes I'd even go out. Then I added those functions to the code as well," he said.

He also claimed that he was offered promotions a few times for his "remarkable job" and got flooded with proposals from other companies. However, it "made no sense" for him to quit his current job.

"Sometimes some co-workers will try to match my order entry quota, which would make me open the code, and change an 8 to 9 to increase my production and keep myself on top. I'd change the numbers regularly 'just in case' but nobody even noticed," he added.

He also got a pay raise twice because he wasn't taking any leaves.

But eventually, the company managed to build software that could perform data entry tasks without human intervention. It was at this point that his stint at the company came to an end.

He said he was given his severance check and was told he could keep the laptop and the office equipment and he was welcome to apply for any position he wanted.

"I never talked about that with anybody IRL, not even my family, even my wife wasn't sure what my job was about with that other company. Now that it is over. There you go, my darkest work secret," he said further.

The man also revealed that in 2017, he tried to show the code to people at the firm. However, the regional manager told him they were busy "dealing with the important stuff" and he should simply continue the great work he was doing.