There's a crime in Stafford, Va., that many are calling udderly shocking: An 18-year-old man dressed in a cow suit lugged 26 gallons of milk out of a Wal-Mart without paying for them. To boot, the thief crawled on all fours out of the store.

The crime reportedly happened around 10:35 p.m. at the Garrisonville Wal-Mart. The gentleman who stole the milk was crawling in an attempt to emulate cattle said Stafford County Sheriff spokesperson Bill Kennedy.

Moments later, the cow walked back outside, this time walking upright, pushing a car full of 26 gallons of milk, said Kennedy in a WTOP report. While it may have been a prank, it stopped being funny when he decided to take about $100 worth of milk from the store without paying.

Kennedy has told reported that Wal-Mart employees later saw the thief skipping down the sidewalk in a nearby area, still dressed in a cow suit. The Stafford County sheriffs were later called to a McDonald's restaurant for disturbance call. At the McDonald's, they saw a man who was not in a cow suit, but matched descriptions of the man who had stolen from the local Wal-Mart.

The man was taken into the police car and back to the Wal-Mart where management confirmed that he was the man who'd fled with the gallons of milk. The cow suit was later found in the man's car.

The criminal's identity has not been revealed by the police department at this time. The criminal has been released on a summons to appear in court. Surveillance video was not needed to verify the theft.