• The robbery and shooting were captured on surveillance video
  • The victim sustained two gunshot wounds to the back and one to the head
  • Police believe that the incident was related to another robbery that took place in the area that day

A Chicago man was left fighting for his life after being robbed at gunpoint and shot three times early Friday morning, according to authorities.

The victim was discovered shot multiple times in the 1300 block of West Webster in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood around 3 a.m. Friday, NBC Chicago reported, citing police.

Family members later identified the victim as Dakotah Earley, a 23-year-old culinary arts student.

The robbery and shooting were captured in a surveillance video, which showed the robber exiting a white Sedan that pulled up and came to a stop at the corner of Wayne and Webster. The person can be seen hiding around the corner, waiting for the victim as he walked down the sidewalk.

The suspect then stepped out and pointed a gun at the victim, demanding his belongings, phone and passcode, ABC 7 Chicago reported. The victim handed the person his bag, and a struggle ensued between them.

Both fell to the ground, with the attacker pinning the victim. A second suspect exited the vehicle and walked toward the two.

The first robber then stood up and shot the victim twice at close range. He demanded that the victim give up his phone password before firing another shot as the victim remained on the ground.

The victim sustained two gunshot wounds to the back and one to the head.

Police said the victim was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in critical condition, CBS News reported. The victim reportedly underwent two surgeries Friday and was fighting for his life.

No suspect has been identified or arrested as of Friday morning. Police are investigating the incident.

A man, identified as Reed Fellars, rushed to Earley’s aid after hearing the gunshots. He told CBS News that he wished he could have done more to stop the assailants.

"He roared right past me as I'm coming this way," Fellars said. "I had every chance to get in my van, pull it out and block him. That didn't occur to me, and I'm reliving that."

Police believe that the incident was related to another robbery that took place in the area that day.

Just minutes before the shooting of Earley, a DePaul University student was robbed, but not hurt, just a few blocks away at Fullerton and Clifton. A white sedan was used in both crimes, 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins said.

"It appears they were driving around the neighborhood at 3 in the morning looking for victims walking alone to rob them," Hopkins said. "This is a predatory act. We are happy detectives have good leads because these offenders need to be brought to justice."

A GoFundMe page was put up by Earley’s family after the incident.

"He is a gentle giant and would've given the shirt off his back to anyone in need," Earley's brother wrote.

Representation. A gun. Brett_Hondow/Pixabay