Brett Cummins
Brett Cummins, 33, resigned his post at KARK. ABC/KARK

A man was found dead in a bathtub of a Little Rock, Ark. home on Monday with a local TV personality and meteorologist Brett Cummins, sparking a police investigation.

Cummins, 33, of KARK was questioned by police on the death of Dexter Williams, 24, who was found dead in a bathtub wearing a dog collar after an evening of alcohol and drug usage.

According to police reports, Cummins was visiting Christopher Barbour, owner of the house in which the incident took place. Cummins brought Williams along and engaged in a drinking and using drugs, police said.

Barbour reported that the pair began to drink and use illegal narcotic drugs by snorting them. The police report states that Cummins and Williams entered a Jacuzzi bathtub where they continued to drink. Barbour joined for a while before heading off to bed in the living room on the couch.

In the morning, Barbour found Cummins and Williams appearing to be asleep in the bathtub, now empty. Upon waking Cummins, the two found that Williams, wearing a black and silver dog collar, was unconscious and appeared dead.

Cummins reportedly screamed and ran into the living room where he proceeded to vomit before leaving Barbour's home.

Cummins later returned to the scene voluntarily and spoke to police before being released. Cummins was not arrested although alcohol and drugs, specifically a pill bottle listed in the police report, were found in the home, according to local ABC affiliate KATV.