A Milwaukee woman's Twitter post, in which she claimed her former date was seeking financial compensation for their brief romance, has sparked a debate on the social media platform.

Alex Colboth shared on Twitter the screenshots of the messages the man sent her, which led to many wondering if he was being fair.

The message starts: “Hi Alex hope you’re doing well.” He then asked for her Venmo information.

“The reason I ask is since you and I won’t be seeing each other anymore it’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you for the dates we went on,” the request continues. “I believe it was 3 separate times we went out bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time.”

He then says that “$35 is more than fair” for what his date consumed, and added, “I see you as a fair girl.”

Showing a pair of screenshots from the man, who she referred to as CK, Colboth wrote: “It’s the audacity for me.”

The messages shared online by Colboth sparked a debate, with some users saying she should consider paying him the money as he may be in need of it.

“I can’t see myself being this petty but what is the issue, he’s clearly broke and isn’t getting any value from you lol,” wrote one social media user.

Another woman, who sided with Colboth wrote: “Dating is like gambling, you put your time, money, whatever into it and sometimes it doesn’t workout and you leave empty handed... (CK) made the decision to spend money and now you’re mad you didn’t win? the casino don’t owe you s---.”

Another person shared a similar experience: "My ex did this too after 2 years. She asked for 5k back and when I didn’t pay that...I ended up paying more in an emotional damages suit. People really are the worst."

Several commenters suggested the guy should have established the terms beforehand.

“I have never personally done this, but I think it’s ok,” a man, identified as Al Bunim, wrote. “CK managed to say something uncomfortable, was honest about what he was hoping to accomplish and did it respectfully. I think it’s wack y’all poor shaming this dude. Y’all forget how many people outta work, cold and hungry?”

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