• The accused also unleashed his dog on a teenager
  • His lawyer said Caldeira was struggling with drug addiction
  • Caldeira's partner broke up with him after he began taking narcotics

A 25-year-old man has been sentenced to seven years in jail for stabbing his ex-girlfriend's mother and then ordering his Rottweiler dog to kill her, while his children watched in horror.

McCauley Caldeira, a father of two children, appeared to be "possessed by a demon" when he committed the horrific act on Aug. 27, 2020, prosecutors told a court in England, Hull Live reported.

Caldeira reportedly had a turbulent relationship with his girlfriend, with whom he had two children. They broke up a month before the incident when she found out that Caldeira was taking drugs.

Caldeira went to stay at the woman's home the day before the incident. The family noticed he was "acting strangely throughout the night and into the following morning." The next day, the man kept asking his ex-girlfriend for more food, saying he hadn't eaten for days. However, he then started accusing her of poisoning him.

Caldeira continued his weird behavior by repeatedly apologizing to his ex-girlfriend's mother and at one point, kissing her on the neck saying he loved her.

"She was in the kitchen with her daughter and two grandchildren when the defendant came into the room and then ran outside. He started rolling around in the mud saying that he loved nature and the earth," said Prosecutor Michele Stuart-Lofthouse.

The elderly woman locked the door, leaving Caldeira outside. He managed to push through the door before screaming at them and taking hold of the keys.

Caldeira lunged at the children's grandmother as the pair slipped on the floor. He bit her on the leg before getting a knife and stabbing her in the chest. He then asked his dog to attack the grandmother. The animal bit the woman on her left arm as Caldeira kept asking the dog to kill her.

"She was of course terrified thinking this was going to be the last time she would see her family. She could see her grandchildren crying hysterically," said Stuart-Lofthouse.

The man left the house soon, only to spot a teenager outside. He shouted to the dog "that's them you are looking for, get them." The boy managed to shake the dog off but Caldeira punched him in the face, causing bruising and swelling, the court heard.

When police arrived at the spot, Caldeira asked the dog to "bite them all," but officers managed to detain him.

His defense lawyer said Caldeira had struggled with narcotics for a long time. "He can't explain why this situation happened and he can't understand how he could have behaved in such a manner to those he loved. He says ‘I feel sick that it happened I’m ill thinking about it," the lawyer said.

The court described the incident as horrifying and said it was pure luck that the children's grandmother was not seriously injured.

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