It now is a common practice among youth to perform dangerous stunts to go viral on social media. What's most terrifying is that, in the bid to look "cool," they often ignore warning signs provided by officials, thus ending up in life-threatening situations or suffering permanent injuries.

In one such incident that took place in China’s Jiujinggou scenic spot in Susong County, a man pummelled down a steep waterfall and bodyslammed into a bed of rock--perhaps just inches away from his death or other critical injuries.

The video, shared on Twitter by the South China Morning Post on May 16, showed the chilling fall. Take a look below:

It appeared in the video that the man had lost control over slippery rocks as he ran across flowing water while bystanders around recorded his antics. Almost instantly, he is seen sliding down the rocks at lightning speed even as the people standing by the falls tried pulling him to safety. After what was a remarkably high-speed fall, he appears to bodyslam into a shallow pool filled with rocks.

"He is falling down! Oh my god!" a person is heard saying in the native tongue in the clip.

"This is why you should respect warning signs," the video's caption read.

The man reportedly survived the fall and suffered no severe injuries except for some minor scratches, reported. "Safety instructions and warning signs should be taken seriously. Overconfidence and show-off can be fatal," one Twitter user wrote in the comments. "There are some eccentrics among the people who want to test the warning signals," wrote another.

In November 2019, a French tourist plunged 260 feet to his death while trying to take a selfie at a waterfall on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. 33-year-old Bastien Palmier was at the waterfall with a friend and reached the edge of the 260-feet-high waterfall ignoring the warning signs. While attempting to take a selfie, he lost his balance and fell to his death. Cops arrived at the scene and retrieved the body which was floating face-down in the water. Palmier’s body was covered with bruises and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Warning Sign
A warning sign about shark sightings. AFP / PETER PARKS