In a horrific incident, an elderly man was taken into custody after a video went viral showing him dragging a dog after tying it to a car in India.

The incident took place in the southern state of Kerala, and the man was identified as 62-year-old Yousuf.

"Yousuf wanted to take the dog away from his locality as it was creating a nuisance around his house. This dog was tied behind the car in an attempt to take it away to a different location," a cop at Chengamand police station said, media outlet NDTV reported.

In the video, the dog can be seen tied to the vehicle with a rope. The canine is initially seen running behind the car, but later gets dragged on the road. The video was shot by a biker who witnessed the incident.

The biker, identified by his first name Akhil, said at first it seemed like the dog was chasing the car, but he realized later the canine had been tied.

"It was a horrific scene. A rope was tied around the neck of the dog and it was being brutally dragged along the road," Akhil said.

It wasn't clear what happened to the dog after being dragged on the road. Local police launched an investigation and filed a case under the Indian Penal Code involving imprisonment for killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering animals useless as well as various sections of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Police arrested the accused after the footage went viral, and he was later released on bail.

Last month, a dog's front limbs were cut off by a man after a neighbor broke them as punishment for attacking his poultry in Turkey.

According to reports, the golden retriever’s front legs were broken by the neighbor after he accused the dog of attacking his chickens. After the owner saw the 3-year-old dog suffering in pain, he chopped off the canine's limbs with an ax. He then stored the dog's limbs in a box and took the dog to a vet. The vet informed the police about the incident and an investigation was launched.

Mustafa Kanat, the veterinarian at the clinic, said the dog suffered severe infection, and added it was not possible to attach prosthetic limbs to the canine.

Representational image of a man in handcuffs.