Mario Williams Buffalo Bills
Buffalo signed Marion Williams to a six-year $96 million last year, but he failed to live up to expectations in 2012. Reuters

There doesn’t appear to be a quick end to the lawsuit Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams filed against his former fiancee to retrieve a $785,000 engagement ring.

Friday the attorney for Williams’s ex-fiancee, former Houston Texans employee Erin Marzouki, released a text message conversation the couple had on November 11, in which Williams made veiled remarks to suicide, according to reports for the AP.

"No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts," Williams wrote.

Prior to that statement, Williams said: “I took 3 hydrocodones this morning and no one knows” along with “I’m going to take 2 more on the plane and fade away.”

Marzouki did reply later that day: “You told me you’re having suicidal thoughts. Clearly me & you don’t need to talk after every mean thing you said to be, but I’m going to tell DD to call you or something BC you went above and beyond saying suicidal thoughts, taking pills. Someone that you trust needs to intervene.”

Williams signed a six-year $96 million contract with Buffalo in 2012, the richest deal ever given to a defensive player. The agreement also included $50 million in guaranteed money, and he is already the highest paid player for the Bills next season.

On Nov. 11, the Bills played the New England Patriots and lost 37-31.

The pressure of such a massive contract may have gotten to Williams. He was expected to turnaround the moribund Buffalo franchise, after recording 53 sacks in six years with Houston. He did total 10.5 sacks last season, but the Bills defense was ranked 31st against the run, and the team finished tied for last in the AFC East with a 6-10 record.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Williams claims Marzouki ended their engagement, and several times refused to return the ring. However her attorneys have said Williams broke off the engagement five times, and are trying show that he is emotionally unstable, and incapable of making a decision on marriage.