Married at first sight doug jamie baby
"Married At First Sight" couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are searching for a house in New Jersey. A+E Networks

“Married At First Sight” couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are still going strong. The newlyweds just celebrated their six month anniversary and still keep in touch with the cast and experts of the FYI show that put them together. Jamie posted a picture of her and Doug with experts Dr. Logan Levkoff and Dr. Joseph Cilona on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

House hunting could mean that Jamie and Doug are relocating to make more room. Their New York apartment didn’t exactly have enough room for a baby. Doug is originally from New Jersey and moved to New York City to be with Jamie. It’s possible that Doug didn’t like living in the city, but Jamie hinted earlier this month that she was starting to think about getting pregnant. This might indicate she and Doug are moving forward with that plan.

Brunch with the experts isn’t too surprising. When Logan talked to International Business Times in July, the sexologist mentioned she wanted the couples to know the experts would continue to be there for them after the show ended.

“I think that we make certain assumptions about unscripted television and we really wanted everyone involved to know that if they need us, we would be there,” Logan said. “And we'll still be there! That's really important … we really take these responsibilities very seriously and not in a self-righteous way but because these are people’s lives and their hearts, and we're in it with them.”

The cast agreed that they bonded over their whirlwind blind, arranged marriages when they came together on the reunion special. Fellow “Married At First Sight” wife Cortney Hendrix told IBTimes she felt like the cast was close because they all went through the same unique experience.

“The wives stay in touch almost on a daily basis,” Cortney said. “I will be friends with [both of those girls] for the rest of my life because we are bonded in a way that no one else understands, and that really goes for all six of us.”

“Married At First Sight” will return for Season 2 in 2015, but with three new couples. Do you think Jamie and Doug are planning for a baby? Or did Doug just get tired of the city? Sound off in the comments section below!