Conflicting reports are flooding the media regarding a mass grave found near Hardin, around 50 miles northeast of Houston, Texas.

The anonymous tip of the scene to police is said to have come from a psychic saying there are 25 to 30 dismembered bodies buried outside a house.

The Liberty County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the report, but authorities haven't located any human remains yet, reported Fox News. The FBI is helping to collect evidence at the scene.

Property owner Joe Bankston was shocked to hear the reports. His daughters live in the house, according to Bankston. There are blood stains in the house and on the porch, which Bankston explained as because his daughter's former boyfriend attempted to commit suicide several weeks ago.

The property was owned by Bankston for around 3 years. His son, Joe, is a convicted sex offender, who has not lived in Hardon for more than a year, said Bankston.

We only received information of a possible crime scene here at this location, Liberty County Sheriff's Department spokesman Rex Evans told the Houston Chronicle. Upon our arrival we determined that there was a need for a search warrant. Once that warrant arrives at the scene we will further our investigation.

Around 15 police vehicles were seen at the scene.