A grand rapture following massive earthquakes was predicted to happen at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 21 2011. According to Harold Camping, the head of the Family Radio Network, the Judgment Day was predicted to fall on today, when 200 Million people were supposed to be lifted to heaven while all others would be left on earth, waiting to die in the wakes of various natural catastrophes.

As the crucial hour passed, however, no one seems to go anywhere, except their own destinations in New York City to enjoy the rest of the Saturday night.

Following Camping's prediction and based on the 2009 US Census that numbered the population of New York City at about 19.5 Million, more than half a million people should have been taken up today. That is, if New Yorkers were among the average.

Camping had made a failed prediction previously saying Jesus Christ would return to Earth in 1994.

The 89 year old broadcaster stayed silent as the supposedly most glorious day in his life passes by and the events reported throughout the world have not followed his predictions. The headquarters of his broadcasting network of 66 stations stayed closed with signs that read, This Office is Closed. Sorry we missed you as Reuters reported.

Many New Yorkers were well informed about this upcoming day. A retired Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker Robert Fitzpatrick, 60, had spent $140,000, most of his life's savings, on advertising for May 21 Judgment Day on Billboards throughout the city.
God's people are commanded to sound the warning, to sound the trumpet so to speak so people know, Fitzpatrick spoke of his advertising campaign as he promoted also his book. On Saturday, he told a news agency that he would still have no doubt about the upcoming judgment.

I wouldn't even entertain that question because there's too much proof from the Bible, he said. Should this mean, we should expect to see more than half a million New Yorkers fill up the sky tonight, or 'should we wait for another sign?'

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