Starbucks isn't the only one going contactless. The world's largest fast food restaurant chain is doing it too; at least in the U.K.

McDonald's confirmed that it is implementing a new system with tap and go technology in cooperation with Visa across 1,200 stores in the U.K. Unlike the Starbucks contactless payment system, McDonald's isn't going with a smartphone app. Instead it will be embedded through a near field communications chip in people's debit and credit cards.

Jill McDonald, CEO of McDonald's U.K., said in a statement, We were the first major quick-service restaurant to launch payments by cards and we're delighted to be leading the way again with the rollout of contactless payment technology.

Visa said the contactless payment system leads faster purchasing, lower cash handling costs and improved security through less cash being held on site. Transactions will take place in less than a second. A spokesperson for Visa said there are currently over 11 million Visa contactless cards in the UK and across Europe (includes UK) 15 million.

Neither Visa nor McDonald's commented on whether the companies will create a smartphone app, similar to the one Starbucks has offered. For now, a spokesperson for McDonald's said all new debit and credit cards featured by Visa will have a paywave symbol on them. This means it will be enabled for tap and go technology.

McDonald's said the contactless payment system will only work for items less than £15. In terms of security, Visa said every card issuer will offer exactly the same fraud guarantees as they do with Chip and PIN, and there are a range of security features to protect the system.

 We are delighted McDonalds is accepting Visa contactless payments. This innovative way of paying is ideal for high volume retail environments where speed of service is essential. It offers a secure, convenient and quick alternative to cash while reducing queuing times, Marc O'Brien, managing director of Visa in the U.K., said in a statement.