Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wears dresses with pockets to make a statement. Pictured: Markle visit the Dogpatch startup hub in Dublin on the final day of their trip to Ireland on July 11, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland. Getty Images/Jimmy Rainford - Pool

Meghan Markle always wears dresses with pockets during her public engagements, and there’s a reason why this is the case.

Dr. Carolyn Harris, a royal historian from Toronto, Canada, told Express that there’s an underlying message with the Duchess of Sussex’s choice of clothes.

“Today, there is an increased demand for functional pockets in women’s clothes today as women also would like to be able to carry their phone or keys or other items in their pockets and not always have to rely on handbags. By wearing dresses with pockets frequently, the Duchess of Sussex may be exerting subtle pressure on the fashion industry to create more dresses with pockets, allowing women to have the option of fashion that is functional as well as decorative,” Harris explained.

She also said that in the 1950s, women’s clothing traditionally featured pockets. However, they were worn for decoration rather than functionality. Last weekend, Markle was photographed in her denim Carolina Herrera dress with pockets at Prince Harry’s polo match.

The 37-year-old former actress also donned a pink wrap around dress with pockets when she visited the Nelson Mandela Centenary Exhibition in London last month. On July 10, she was also photographed at the Dublin Airport in her dark green dress with pockets.

According to Harris, Markle is not the only member of the royal family that is fond of wearing this type of clothing. In 2016, Kate Middleton was also seen wearing a similar dress while in Victoria, Canada.

In related news, Markle and Prince Harry were recently spotted at Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding to Daisy Jenks. The couple’s nuptials fell on the same day as the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday. Prince Harry and Markle held hands at the ceremony, and they also wore matching attire.

More specifically, Markle wore a black pleated dress from Club Monaco, which is priced at $328.