Meghan Markle is rumored to have opted for a homebirth, but a veteran homebirth just warned the Duchess of Sussex that this option could be hellish for her.

Tom Rawstorne told Daily Mail that his wife had three home births and it was challenging for the both of them. During their first child’s birth, the couple even rushed to the hospital because their baby got stuck.

“The Prince intends to be by his wife’s side ‘every step of the way’ – which, for a survivor of home births like me, sends shivers down my spine. Ah, the naivety of the initiated because the fact is, no matter how good you are at doing the downward dog, the reality of home birth for a man is altogether less alluring than it might sound at first,” he said.

Rawstorne went on to say that it’s a major struggle to stand in the room and feel helpless while his wife was enduring so much pain. It’s also challenging to be the one who has to clean up all of the mess after a home birth has been completed.

But despite the challenges that come with home births, Rawstorne said that the pregnant wife should always be the one to decide if this is something that she wants.

“Refusal to go along with your partner’s birthing plans will have you marked down as some sort of a Victorian throwback. Don’t be upset or angry at rejection, Harry… Get used to it…” he said.

Markle and Prince Harry are expected to welcome their child any time now. During her previous public engagement, the Duchess of Sussex told royal fans that she is scheduled to give birth at the end of April or the beginning of May.

Bookies have also predicted the possibility of Markle giving birth on April 21. This also happens to be Queen Elizabeth II’s 93rd birthday and it is also Easter Sunday.