• Melania Trump is rumored to be having an affair
  • Melania Trump and Hank Siemers have been linked for years
  • Donald Trump allegedly knows about FLOTUS' affair 

Melania Trump reportedly has a longtime boyfriend that Donald Trump knows about.

After the POTUS was elected in 2016, Melania didn’t immediately move to the White House to be with him. At that time, she said that she wanted to stay back until Barron Trump finishes the school year.

However, novelist Monica Byrne claimed that this wasn’t really the case. On Twitter, she claimed that the FLOTUS has been having an affair with the head of security at the Tiffany branch in the Trump Tower.

Noel Casler, a former employee of “The Apprentice,” also claimed to know the real score between Melania and her rumored boyfriend, Hank Siemers.

“Melania didn’t live with him in Trump Tower either, she lived with her boyfriend. We had to book the transport on ‘Apprentice’ finales and her pick-up was not on 5th Ave,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Political Flare listed the things that they have learned about the FLOTUS’ rumored boyfriend and her relationship with Trump.

The publication claimed that divorce papers have already been signed by the couple, and they were on their way to finalize their separation when the POTUS was elected. As such, Melania will continue to be imprisoned in her marriage until after Trump’s presidency ends.

There are also rumors suggesting that the POTUS knows about his wife and Siemers’ affair, and he doesn’t have any problem with it.

On Twitter, a photo of Siemers shows him looking like a real hunk. Some netizens are convinced that Trump is very insecure about his physical appearance because of Melania’s boyfriend.

“And just another reminder of why @realDonaldJTrump is so insecure in his masculinity – and for good reason,” Twitter user @CheriJacobus said.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user made fun of the gift that the FLOTUS gave to Michelle Obama years ago. After all, it was from Tiffany.

“You know, her rumored affair with Hank Siemers makes this gift a little funny,” Twitter user @100FrogLegs said.