Miami ‘Cannibal’ Attack Autopsy Shows No Human Remains or Bath Salts In Eugene’s System, Unknown Pills Under Investigation
The autopsy report for Rudy Eugene, right, the man who attacked homeless man Ronald Poppo, left, in Miami over Memorial Day weekend, had no human flesh in his stomach despite claims it was a "cannibal" attack. According to police, the autopsy found 31-year-old Eugene did not have human flesh but did have undigested pills in his stomach in addition to marijuana in his system. Miami-Dade Police Department

Police have revealed 911 calls made by witnesses to the brutal Miami cannibal attack over Memorial Day weekend. The recordings show that several people witnessed the incident that left victim Ronald Poppo without eyes, a nose or a mouth.

According to the New York Daily News, recordings of these emergency calls were made available on June 1, and on them witnesses report seeing two men fighting in the shadow of the Miami Herald headquarters. The callers didn't mention seeing Ronald Poppo's face being eaten. The victim is currently hospitalized.

A woman asked the 911 operator to send help after she reported seeing a naked man beating another man, according to the News.

He's going to kill that man, the unidentified caller said. I promise you.

Listen, there is a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway, she said to on the recording, the Christian Post reported. He is beating another man to a pulp -- on top of the man, beating him, the man is bleeding.

Another caller described the scene as two bums going at it nearly knocking over passing cyclists, the Christian Post also reported.

These two bums were going at it with each other, taking up the whole lane. I think they were fighting or something, the second caller said.

A third caller also reported the bizarre incident to authorities just as the crazed attacker had thrown his clothes into the road.

You can't miss him; he's naked, the caller said.

Footage of the attack taken by security cameras shows that attacker, Rudy Eugene, pounced on Poppo as he was sleeping underneath the highway. It is believed that Eugene was on a drug known as bath salts, which induced him into a state known as excited delirium. When a police officer told Eugene to stop, he growled and continued to devour his victim's face, with bits of flesh still in his mouth. Police then shot the attacker dead.

The assault continued for 18 minutes, and police have yet to release a motive for Eugene's attack.

A high-profile Los Angeles attorney is now connected to the case, according to CBS Miami. Gloria Allred confirmed to the news service that she is representing one of the girlfriends of Rudy Eugene. It is unclear as to why Allred is involved in the case, and she told CBS4 News that she has no plans to release a statement, hold a press conference or visit the girlfriend in Miami.

A woman who engaged in an on-again off-again relationship with Eugene said that he must have been drugged unknowingly or cursed, according to CBS Miami. The unidentified ex-girlfriend said that the Causeway Cannibal was nothing like the man she knew, who she described as a sweet loving gentleman.