Michelle Obama being named as one of the People of the Year while current first lady Melania Trump was not has raised some eyebrows.

People magazine recently unveiled its People of the Year list, which included Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Obama and Taylor Swift. Many are happy with the selection, with some saying that all four are "queens" in their own way. Another social media user commented on Twitter that they are the “women at the top.”

However, some netizen also questioned why the first lady of the United States was not included because for them, Melania deserved a spot.

“Great edition of the 2019 People of the Year, but it would have been nice to mention Melania Trump as one of the people of the year. She has accomplished a lot as First Lady - her kindness, charities, and beauty. #People,” Elva Simons posted on Twitter.

One netizen claimed that People is no longer the people’s magazine if it believes Michelle is one of the People of the Year. The same social media user questioned why the magazine only featured the ex-FLOTUS this year, implying that if the organizers really thought she was qualified, they could have awarded her when she had been in the White House for eight years. The netizen added that the recognition should gone to the current FLOTUS, Melania.

One social media user suggested that the People of the Year should have been voted by the people and claimed that the people would have selected Melania. Another netizen wrote, “The people of America name Melania People of the Year!!”

Meanwhile, one Twitter user and fan of Donald Trump's wife commented that Melania has more "class" than Michelle will ever have.

Another social media user, however, stressed that there is a reason Melania has not been featured on the cover, hinting at the FLOTUS’ lack of effort, initiative or programs. Another said that those who have been featured on the cover have done something admirable and noteworthy.

In related news, Melania received intense backlash after she reacted to Pamela Karlan mentioning the name of her son. Many social media users said that the FLOTUS was showing “fake outrage” because she did not stand for the teens that her husband, Donald, allegedly bullied, including Greta Thunberg and the children who have been locked up in cages.

Melania Trump Michelle Obama
Melania Trump, pictured July 18, 2016, was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Reuters