• A poll taken in 1990 that revealed that Mario was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse helped shape how Shigeru Miyamoto planned for the character's future
  • Since Mickey Mouse grew up alongside the evolution of animation technology, Miyamoto resolved to do the same with Mario for digital technology
  • Every new Nintendo console has come with a new "Super Mario" game, a deliberate move so players can experience a new type of entertainment with the new technology 

In the wake of the 35th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” this year, a previously unknown connection between the titular plumber and a famous mouse has been revealed by Mario’s creator.

A Q&A summary for the current fiscal year from Nintendo’s corporate management policy briefing with series creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed how a poll taken in 1990 affected him and his long-term thoughts for the little Italian-American plumber.

In that poll taken outside of Japan 30 years ago, it was revealed that Mario was more recognizable than even Disney’s iconic mascot, Mickey Mouse. That poll result apparently spurred Miyamoto to do more with Mario, GameSpot reports.

"We often hear our consumers saying that each title in the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ series feels like a meaningfully different game," Miyamoto says while reflecting on 35 years of the franchise. After all, each major platformer in the series supposedly differs from each other.

"I felt bad that Mickey Mouse, who had been hugely popular among fans, including myself, for 60 years at that point, was even being compared to Mario, who had just been around for a few years back then," Miyamoto reflected on the Mickey Mouse poll.

Still, Miyamoto explained how the comparison influenced the “Super Mario” games: "Even so, considering that Mickey Mouse had grown up alongside the evolution of animation technology, I resolved that we would help ‘Super Mario’ grow up alongside the evolution of digital technology.”

As for the rational behind having a new “Super Mario” come with every new Nintendo console, Miyamoto says, “In fact, every time, every time Nintendo has launched new hardware, we also released a new title in the ‘Super Mario’ series so players can experience a new type of entertainment that new technology allows us to achieve."

The “Super Mario” development team also have unique relationships with the series, as Miyamoto shares, “When asked about their experiences with the ‘Super Mario’ series over the past 35 years, their responses ran the gamut from 'The first ‘Super Mario Bros.’ was the best' to 'I like the newest one the best.'"

Miyamoto also bares that the upcoming “Super Mario” movie will expand the character's reach even further.

In the new collection dubbed “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” for the Nintendo Switch, “Super Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine,” and “Super Mario Galaxy” are brought together in one amazing package.

Super Mario Run
Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says that they will continue using fixed-price models for its mobile games. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach