It was the year of Mila Kunis.

Kunis was featured twice on the cover of GQ this year. Wearing a black bra and panties set and a see-through shirt, Kunis helped sell 205,000 copies of GQ's annual comedy issue in August.  She made the cover for the second time -- once again revealing plenty of skin -- for the magazine's December issue.

Cosmopolitan, Elle, and W magazine also profited from Mila's popularity. The Elle issue, which also featured Justin Timberlake, sold 250,000 copies -- the magazine's fourth best seller of the year. Kunis was also one of the actors chosen for Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood issue.

It was certainly an eventful year for Kunis, both professionally and personally.

She was still riding the Black Swan wave in early 2011 and cemented her popularity alongside Timberlake in the hit romantic comedy Friends with Benefits. She was also a victim of a high-profile phone-hacking scandal, which prompted admirers to Google her in the hopes of seeing her nude. No such luck, however: Fortunately for Kunis, she doesn't take those kinds of photos -- at least not with her mobile phone. 

In late December, Kunis was named Celebrity of the Year by Fox411.

Smart, sexy, funny, patriotic, down to earth: what's not to love? Fox411's Meagan Murphy wrote of the Ukrainian-born actress. (The patriotic adjective was in reference to Mila's appearance at the Marine Corps Ball.)

While Kunis certainly won the hearts of the U.S. military by escorting Sgt. Scott Moore -- who invited her via YouTube --  to the ball, her appeal spans the globe. There are dozens of Facebook groups and pages dedicated to the dark-haired, green-eyed actress who got her big break on the hit sitcom That 70's Show. It was her sweetly comedic role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, however, that marked a huge turning point in her career and gained her a larger following of admirers.

While said admirers undoubtedly find the actress easy on the eyes, Kunis has downplayed her looks in interviews.

If somebody finds me attractive, God bless them, I think it's fantastic, she told Glamour UK in their August 2011 cover story.

Kunis also talked about the pitfalls of popularity in her August GQ interview.

Image is not a priority for me, she said. A lot of times, people go into this industry with a grandiose idea of fame and think the only way to achieve that is to please everybody. Unfortunately, that can lead to very self-conscious on-screen choices. This industry scrutinizes you. It'll tear you apart.

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