Nancy Kissel, the American housewife nicknamed the milkshake murderer who was convicted of killed her husband in 2003 in Hong Kong, is seeking a third appeal.

Kissel, 48, was sentenced to life in prison in March of last year after a retrial. However, Jurors convicted her of killing her husband after prosecutors said she drugged her husband with a sedative-lace milkshake and beat him to death, reported the New York Post.

Kissel's attorneys said she would not seek an appeal and, instead, ask to be transferred to a prison in the United States. However, a court spokeswoman confirmed that Kissel submitted a motion to appeal the charges.

No date has been set for the hearing, the spokeswoman said, according to the Post. Kissel must obtain the court's permission first in order to proceed with her appeal.

The Michigan-born mother-of-three was first convicted in 2005 for allegedly murdering her husband. In a trial that took the former British colony by storm, prosecutors originally presented a case before the court showing the expatriate was involved in a lifestyle full of violence, spying, adultery and greed.

In 2010, an appeal overturned the conviction, citing legal issues. A new trial was granted, in which she was found guilty.

Kissel admitted to killer her husband, Robert Kissel, a senior executive at Merrill Lynch. She claimed she acted in self-defense against her spouse, who allegedly subjected her to physical and sexual abuse.