Miss Cleo, the famous TV psychic of the 1990s, died of colon cancer Tuesday in Florida. She was 53.

The fortune teller, whose real name was Youree Dell Harris, may no longer be with us, but her "call me now!" commercials will never go away. Dozens of her ads for the Psychic Readers Network are available on YouTube despite a major lawsuit settlement in 2002 that left the company canceling customers' bills totaling about $500 million and paying a huge fine for defrauding them. Miss Cleo didn't own the company, but she still had as many skeptics as she did fans.

"It would appear that Miss Cleo is a fortune-telling triple-threat: a psychic, astrologer and tarot reader," Infomercial Hell wrote in 2005. "The three methods somehow let her see into the future with some help from 'the spirits,' whom she occasionally refers to. And just who are these 'spirits'? Angels? Ghosts? Gods? Demons? The stench from a three day old cheese sandwich? Miss Cleo never tells us."

After her psychic gig ended, Miss Cleo became a radio host and lent her voice to the character of Auntie Poulet for "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" in 2002, according to All Day. She came out as gay in 2006. For the past decade, she's remained well-known and beloved, as well, even though her Jamaican act was a gimmick — Miss Cleo was born in Los Angeles.

"I’m a proud voodoo woman," she told the Spokesman-Review in 2009. "And I make no apologies to anyone."

For better or for worse, social media was flooded with people remembering Miss Cleo Tuesday after TMZ broke the news of her death of colon cancer. If you, too, want to reminisce, check out the following seven video clips of Miss Cleo.