In response to a blog post by Dallas psychic Stephanie Almaguer, volunteers initiated a thorough search for Lisa Irwin in the vicinity of a closed casino about two miles from the missing baby's residence. Like numerous other leads in the case, however, Almaguer's hunch proved to be an empty one.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the infant Lisa Irwin, who was reportedly kidnapped on Oct. 4 from her home in Kansas City, Mo., appeared to have received a new lease on life when Almaguer claimed to have mystical knowledge of where the baby's body was and how it got there.

After Almaguer's hunches were proven wrong, however, she is now claiming the media misrepresented her.

On Saturday, she posted on her blog: Some of the media has crucified me, lying about what really happened at the search. The searchers found a well that described images I'd sketched, exactly in the spot (described area) I'd indicated. I agreed not to share the info. Out of respect for the case, but for what? To be made out the fool, one more time?

Almaguer also said that her son and daughter were being attacked because people believe she was lying about the baby's whereabouts to gain cheap publicity. My son was in town earlier and got 'jumped' in the store parking lot by some other guys because his mom was a 'f****** liar b****' and people are messaging my daughter ugly names on FB, she posted.

After Almaguer posted the above statements, she disabled all comments on her posts. In addition, she posted a 15-minute-long video on her Facebook page defending herself.