Interviews with missing baby Lisa Irwin's half-brothers, orignally scheduled for Friday, have been cancelled at the family's request. It is unclear if or when the interviews will be rescheduled.

I've done research and see more potential for harm than good with the interview, Cyndy Short, a lawyer representing Lisa's parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, told the Kansas City Star late Thursday. It won't happen tomorrow and maybe never.

Short has reportedly been taken off the case for reasons not yet specified, but that appear to be related to a possible conflict with Joe Tacopina, a high profile lawyer hired on behalf of Bradley and Irwin earlier this month.

According to KCTV-5, Short was forced off the case.

Short told the Kansas City Star she had heard reports that the family's high-profile lawyer Joe Tacopina had removed her from the case.

He's not in a position to fire anyone, Short told The Star. I work for the client, not him.

Bradley and Irwin each have a son from a previous relationship. The boys, ages 5 and 8, live in their Kansas City. Mo., home with baby Lisa. Both were briefly interviewed by a social worker in the immediate aftermath of their half-sister's disappearance on Oct. 4.

Bradley told NBC last week that the boys heard noises the night Lisa vanished, but she was hazy on the details.

They said they heard noises (the night Lisa disappeared), Bradley said. I don't know if that was before we went to sleep or after. Bradley said she has not pressed the boys on the issue because she didn't want to put them through anything else.

Kansas City police Capt. Steve Young told CNN that the boys would be interviewed by a child services specialist trained to interview kids, and that no police would be present during the questioning.

Not an interrogation, Young said. They are kids, after all.

Young has said that Bradley and Irwin have refused to be interviewed separately, despite appeals for unrestricted  interviews.

We want to know what they have to say on their own, the Kansas City Star quotes Young saying on Tuesday.

On Thursday, police searched a lake near the home where Lisa Irwin was last seen, but did not uncover anything of significance.