• Authorities believe the child followed his dog into the woods in Grimes County
  • The child's mother Araceli Nunez requested the public to help find the boy
  • Searchers have been using dogs, helicopters and drones to locate him

The Texas police are searching for a 3-year-old boy, who went missing from outside his home Wednesday.

Christopher Ramirez was last seen playing with a dog outside his house in Plantersville, northwest of Houston, the authorities said. They believe the child might have followed the dog into the woods in Grimes County. There is no evidence so far about an abduction, ABC 13 reported, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said.

On Thursday, the child's mother, Araceli Nunez, pleaded with the public to help find the boy and bring him home. Christopher's mother said she believes someone has her son, to which Sowell reportedly said, "She had emotions running rapid and she felt that way but we have no facts, no clues, or no evidence of that being true."

Nunez said she noticed her son was missing two minutes later. She ran out screaming his name, and a neighbor said she saw him chasing the dog down the road.

Tim Miller with Texas EquuSearch, who has been assisting with the search, said no hint of foul play has been found as of Thursday.

"We know where he's not. We're holding to hope that we're going to get him back," Miller said. "The one fact is that he's missing. We really don't know what happened. There's a lot of speculation. We don't have anything. We'll be here until we find him or until we run out of every resource possible."

Searchers have been using dogs, helicopters and drones to locate the missing boy.

Christopher was last seen wearing a bright-green shirt, shorts and red Mickey Mouse shoes, officials said, adding the forest where he ran into was very thick, and it was impossible to search the area with the use of ATVs, NBC News reported.

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