A Florida man was arrested Sunday after he told police that his missing wife was dead and in the back of his vehicle and that he could lead the police to the bodies of his wife's four children.

Michael Wayne Jones, Jr., 38, was arrested and charged Sunday with second-degree murder of his wife Casei Jones, 32, who was found in his van while in Brantley County, Georgia. Police brought in Jones who later spoke with detectives, who were reportedly led to nearby Charlton County where Michael Jones hid the bodies of the four children.

While initially unidentified, police later revealed the children were Mercalli Jones, 2, Aiyana Jones, 1, Cameron Bowers, 10, and Preston Bowers, 5. Michael Jones was also confirmed as the father of the younger Jones children while the Bowers children were from another marriage.

“How someone could do this, I do not know,” Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods told press.

Casei Jones, of Summerfield, Florida, and the children were originally reported missing by extended family Saturday after they had no physical contact with her for six weeks. Casei Jones’ mother thought she had been in electronic communication with Casei Jones for weeks but authorities believe that it was not the case.

Brantley County Police had arrested Michael Jones after his van was involved in a vehicle accident.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Jones had stored the bodies of the children in his Florida home in Marion County. He then loaded the bodies into his car to hide the bodies north of the Florida-Georgia border.

As of Tuesday, Jones has been held in a Georgia jail and it was unknown when he would be moved to Florida. He has yet to be charged in the deaths of the children, though Woods said charges could be imminent.

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