Michelle Le
Missing Hayward nursing student Michelle Le's searching is still ongoing Ibtimes

The investigation status of missing Hayward nursing student Michelle Hoang Thi Le has been changed from “missing” to “homicide,” according to the police who are suspecting a love triangle behind the disappearance.

Hayward police said they suspect Michelle Le's involvement in a love triangle and have based their conclusion upon the bloodstain found in her car, the surveillance video recordings outside the hospital, her cell phone call records and clues collected during search warrants.

Several 'persons of interest' have also been identified by the police, and among them is Giselle Esteban, one of Le’s friends from high school.

Police believe Giselle Esteban’s ex-boyfriend had also dated Le before she disappeared. Actually, just three days before Le vanished, a restraining order was filed against Esteban by her ex-boyfriend in Alameda County court. According to court records, Esteban sent her ex-boyfriend threatening text messages at least once a day in February and March, saying she would 'put a bullet in his brain.' Apart from that, she broke into his home. When Esteban threatened to shoot herself if he did not speak to her, he called police and then Esteban was arrested.

There were some news reports saying Esteban “openly hates” Le for stealing her boyfriend. However, Esteban has denied having any knowledge of Le's disappearance. Hayward Police have visited Esteban’s apartment for a few times and have questioned her several times. Although she hasn’t been arrested, they are closely watching her.

Michelle Le, a nursing student in Hayward, went missing about 7 pm on May 27. It was reported that she left during a class break at Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center. She told her classmates that she planned to drive to Reno, Nevada, to meet her friends over the weekend. But after she left, she never came back again. Until now, she has gone for exactly two weeks. Her family never gave up finding her and has provided a reward of $65K for anyone who can give any information leading to her safe return.

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