Now that’s one way to get rid of your cheating husband! In a sneak-peek clip from episode 3 of “Mistresses,” fans watch as Season 3 newcomer Calista Raines, played by the super sassy Jennifer Esposito, attempts to handle the infidelity issue in her marriage.

In the minute-long clip, Calista is woken up by the sounds of her snoring husband -- who fans learned in the premiere episode is allegedly having an affair with a leggy blonde behind his wife’s back. Annoyed, and slightly disgusted, by the gargling noise, Calista rolls out of bed with her pillow in tow.

But as lethargic as she is from her disrupted slumber, the idea of smothering her husband quickly and clearly pops into her mind. However, her murderous plan to suffocate her husband with 1000-thread count pillowcases is foiled when Calista’s hubby lets out a sudden snort, spooking the fashion designer -- not to mention saving his own life.

During an interview with TVLine, the series’ co-showrunner, K.J. Steinberg, explained that Calista’s cold characteristics will become a vital part of the storyline as Season 3 progresses.

“She’s not warm and fuzzy. She’s eccentric, larger-than-life, unpredictable. The key with her is you never truly know what you’re getting,” Steinberg said. “You’re seduced by her one moment and feeling like she’s your best, best friend, and then the next moment you’re wondering if she’s got an agenda. Like the actress herself in her scene work, she keeps you on your toes, and that is what we had intended for the character.”

The co-creator then admitted it was their mission to make Calista an unreliable and untrustworthy character. “You will feel one way about her one episode, and you’ll feel another way about her in another. She might be a little bit polarizing -- in a great way,” executive producer Rina Mimoun added.

But that might not be so great for Joss (Jes Macallan). Steinberg dished to TVLine that Calista will complicate things for Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) sister (as if they weren’t complicated enough). “This relationship leads Joss to one of the most dangerous places we’ve seen the show go,” Steinberg teased of the show’s dark evolution.

Fans previously learned in Calista's character synopsis that the newcomer would become a "friend, mentor, and surrogate sister" to Joss. But Calista's friendship will come with a price -- and a hefty one at that as she drawing Joss "deeper and deeper into a world of secrets and betrayal.”

“Mistresses” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.