A university professor in Wayne, New Jersey, was caught on a series of videos — that have currently gone viral on Twitter — telling his students the moon landing never happened and Nazi police did not begin torturing people till the very end of World War II, among other Holocaust-denying conspiracy theories.

Clyde Magarelli, a Sociology professor who has been teaching at the William Paterson University since 1967, was discussing “social problems” with his students during the past semester when he digressed from the syllabus and started talking about various conspiracy theories. His bizarre lectures were recorded by one of the students present in class. 

“We haven't landed on the moon? No. You didn't know that? No," Magarelli is heard saying in one of the video. "They say maybe in about 20 or 30 years they may be able to do it."

"We do not have a system that can take a living species out. Mechanical systems no problem," the professor added. "By the way mechanical systems can't land on the moon. They can take pictures of it."

This was not all. The professor went onto mention in another video Geheime Staatspolizei or Gestapo, the official police of Nazi Germany, did not inflict violence on Jews till toward the end of World War II.

"People say 'Oh no Gestapo, they're terrorists, they engaged in torture'. No, only the last part of the war,” he said.

In a separate video, Magarelli told his class the Irish were the first slaves in America — a theory debunked by history experts in the past — and Native Americans are not indigenous people.

“We call them Native Americans but those that have their own government outside — they were never considered part of the system,” he is heard saying. “They had their own tribal system.”

Magarelli holds a 3.5 score on RateMyProfessors.Com, a site where students can rate and review their teachers anonymously. A number of students warned about the Sociology professor's tendency to teach conspiracy theories. 

"DO NOT TAKE HIM! This man will not teach you anything but conspiracies without any backup evidence to support what he says! He makes up historical facts and sells this as the truth!" said one reviewer. 

Another wrote: "This guy is actually INSANE (911 conspiracy theorist, moon landing didn't happen!). I can't believe he's allowed to teach."

The student who recorded and posted the videos of Clyde preaching conspiracy theories in class — 18-year-old Benny Koval — also reported the professor’s behavior to the Sociology department. It was then she came to know some former students had also filed similar complaints against the professor in the past.

“The incident in 1994, Professor Magarelli said that not 6 million Jews died in concentration camps. He said that 800,000 died,” Koval said.

“It was very unfortunate, but most of all it was a waste of my time and money,” the teenager told NewJersey.Com. “It was incredibly frustrating going to a public university for a taxpayer-funded education and I’m learning about how the moon landing was faked.”

Koval added Magarelli’s bizarre claims that the moon landing was fake started with his explanation that “the video of the flag on the moon was waving, it must have been photoshopped.” She further stated as a Jewish student, she felt “mortified” sitting in the class and hearing her Sociology professor defend Gestapo’s actions in World War II.

A University spokesperson told ABC7 in a statement regarding the incident: “We seek to model and to impart to our students the highest standards of knowledge, inquiry, preparation, academic freedom and integrity.”

Moon Landing A university professor at Wayne, New Jersey, was caught on a series of videos telling his students the moon landing never happened. In this photo, Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., the lunar module pilot of the first lunar landing mission, stands next to a United States flag during an Apollo 11 Extravehicular Activity (EVA) on the surface of the moon, July 20, 1969. Photo: Getty Images/ NASA