A UFO expert claimed that he saw a massive alien vessel parked in a crater in a photo of the Moon. According to the expert, the UFO deliberately stayed within the shadow of the crater to avoid sunlight.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base came across the photo while browsing through the website of Gigapan, a private company that was founded by Carnegie Mellon University and NASA’s Ames Research Center with help from Google. The site provides high-resolution interactive images of Mars and the Moon.

While going through one of the photos featured on the site, Waring came across an interesting image on the Moon’s Tycho Crater. Parked on one of the hills of the crater, he saw a structure with an almost triangular shape. Based on the size of the crater, Waring estimated that the structure could be about 1 kilometer long.

Using photo editing software, Waring changed the color scheme of the image in order to make the structure appear more prominent. Aside from making the object’s triangular shape more distinct, Waring’s technique also revealed another smaller object parked in front of the original structure.

Waring speculated that the structure might be a massive alien vessel that intentionally parked on a hill that’s covered by a shadow. The UFO expert noted that the beings who crewed the vessel could be part of a race of aliens that have second eyelids. He said that these secondary eyelids function similar to sunglasses and protect the aliens’ eyes from sunlight.

It is also possible that the vessel parked on a shadowy part of the lunar surface in order to avoid detection.

The vessel isn’t the only object spotted by Waring through Gigapan’s photos of the Moon. Earlier this week, he came across another huge alien vessel hovering in the Moon’s Copernicus Crater. He estimated that the ship could be about 3 kilometers long.

Aside from the hovering vessel, Waring also spotted a diamond-shaped base in the same crater. He noted that the structure could be a space station or a facility used by aliens to mine resources from the Moon.