A UFO expert has found another massive alien base on the Moon through a NASA photo. According to the expert, the new base has a diamond shape and appears to be still operational.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring of ET Data Base, a blog dedicated to monitoring the latest UFO and alien sightings, came across the image while browsing the gallery of Gigapan. Established through a joint effort by the Carnegie Mellon University, Google and NASA’s Ames Research Center, Gigapan provides high-definition panoramic images of Mars and the Moon.

In the image analyzed by Waring, the alien base can be found near the right edge of the photo. According to Waring, it is located inside the Moon’s massive Copernicus Crater, which has a diameter of around 93 kilometers.

The alien base can be seen between two mounds that are near a smaller crater. Waring noted that the structure has a black metallic color and is attached to another structure. He said the image also shows glowing lights around the buildings, which led him to speculate that the structures are still being used.

Although the structures could be part of an alien base, Waring pointed out that it’s also possible that they are space stations. According to the expert, the structures could be large spaceships that docked on the Moon for a specific mission or operation.

This marks the second time that Waring spotted a possible alien base on the Moon this week. On July 22, he reported that he saw a huge structure on the Moon while scanning through Google Earth. He said that the structure was located in the lunar crater De Moraes and could be about 15 kilometers long.

Although some of his followers commented that the structure might be a ventilation facility for an underground city, Waring speculated that it could be a mining facility used by aliens to extract precious minerals and other resources from the Moon.

Since it looked abandoned, the expert noted that private tech firms such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin could take over the facility to continue its mining operations.