• "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" is getting a big update with Project "Next"
  • Hero gameplay and audio and video upgrades are some of the highlights of the Project
  • Moonton will also work on "Smart Targeting" and addressing the limited view of smaller devices

As players continue to move from consoles to a more mobile platform, publishers like Moonton will always find ways to make their game a notch above the competition. “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” the hit multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), continues to shine despite stiff rivals churning in new innovations, while new games such as the upcoming “League of Legends: Wild Rift” will come with a breath of fresh air.

The Shanghai, China-based video game developer recently announced its next project that will focus on long-term initiatives of “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” including gameplay, art and sound upgrade and IP development, among others.

According to Inside Mobile Legends, Project “Next” is considered to be one of the biggest projects in the game's history. For one, it aims to bring “refreshing gameplay through means of hero adjustment, as well as to provide a stunning audio/visual experience.”

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What Moonton is planning is to revamp “classic heroes” to be more unique and up-to-date against newcomers. “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” is much like any other MOBA where new heroes are constantly introduced to offer better gameplay. As such, enhancing heroes that belonged to the original lineup should make for good competition and a better selection pool.

“Our plan is to further amplify the core mechanics of the original heroes so that every hero feels unique. Furthermore, we want to expand from there and grant more depth to the mechanics of heroes,” said the video.

Aside from hero revamps, Project “Next” will also focus on improving the game's control. IGN and Gamerbraves said “Smart Targeting” is one of the features Moonton will work on. This will allow players to “freely select targets more accurately” when they are using a certain hero skill. In addition, Moonton will delve on addressing the “limited view” of some mobile devices by adding new features like camera zoom and tilt during skill casting.

Moonton didn't divulge much about Project “Next,” but it did give fans something to look forward to now that Riot Games are testing the mobile waters with “Wild Rift.” But just like before, the new “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” update will provide a whole new experience.